Ice Cream in the snow

snow-ice-cream-1I’m originally from Texas. We get all of the¬†annual seasons and some even make encore appearances. ūüėÄ It was my norm – all that I knew. Then in high school my parents uprooted me from the Lone Star state and replanted me here in good ol’ Arizona.

The transition was¬†slow-growing on me at first, because I just missed my comfort zones; however I’m happy to say that¬†I’ve been here for 4-years now, and¬†I love it.

Residing is the valleys of the Phoenix metroplex is worlds away from residing in the mountains of Flagstaff. We’ve had several snow days in my short span of 3-months. I’m giddy.

Texas had snow and when we left Texas for Phoenix, I left my coats behind. Today, in Flagstaff –¬†I miss my coats but I’m making do. Thank God none of my walks are too far and the good news is the further the class the quicker the caloric burn because I’m on the hustle to get to central heat.

And still, even in the face of this beautiful on-and-off snow-white season I still crave ice cream. I’m a college student. I can’t afford Cold Stone and I just don’t have enough room in the efficient fridge that I share with my roommates for a pint of ice cream.

All of a sudden Eureka! I had an idea: What if I made some and my friends and I consumed it all in the same day?

I began searching for simple and easy recipes to make the healthy treat with modest accommodations and found this:

Honey Ginger Strawberry Ice Cream

Author: A Kitchen Addiction
Serves: 1 quart

2 C strawberries, diced
¬Ĺ C honey
2 tsp ginger
¬Ĺ tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp vanilla extract
3 C 2% milk (can use skim, but the ice cream won’t be as creamy)

In a medium saucepan, mix together strawberries, honey, ginger, and cinnamon. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 15-20 minutes or until strawberries soften and sauce thickens. Remove from heat to cool for 20 minutes. Pour sauce into a freezer safe container and place container in freezer for 45 minutes to cool completely.
Stir vanilla and milk into strawberry sauce. Pour mixture into ice cream maker and freeze¬†according to manufacturer’s instructions. ¬†Serve immediately.

EASY-Peezy! BoOm-BaM! But, um, unfortunately for me and my immediate tastebuds, this is all I have on deck – ingredient wise:

I took the ingredients pic AFTER our blizzards conditions
passed – notice I don’t quite have 2 cups of strawberries anymore.

And while it’s easy to get my hands on skim milk, I absolute do not have any ginger, any friends that house in their cubbards nor could I find any coins¬†that I could gingerly spare towards the cause. So it looks like today I’ll be eating a bowl of cold strawberries¬†and will have to leave the “ice” of it all to Mother Nature. She’s doing a fine job.


¬†While bundled up, looking out of the window and eating¬†a¬†bowl of cold strawberries I started to wonder about the health benefit of this delicious berry that i love so much – only to find out it’s not really “a berry” at all. ¬†“The¬†‚Äėstrawberry‚Äô is a misnomer.¬†¬†They¬†are considered an accessory fruit. A strawberry is actually an aggregate of several small fruits, each containing one single seed called ‚Äėachene‚Äô. Thus, it is the only fruit that has seeds on the outside.” [Strawberry 411]

Some of the many other benefits of eating raw strawberries is great digestive aid, it’s good for your teeth, (those seeds are natural plaque fighters), and it pairs well with chocolate. What else do I really need to say?

Today I dream of ice cream in the snow – Tomorrow I’ll be in Chandler and yo!
I’m going to insist my parents treat me to a Cold Stone LOVE IT bowl.

Mmm. Yum. ¬†Surely you wanna’ go.
But on the real, I am truly digging this sweet show of snow!

Banana Pudding for Breakfast!


The closer I get to DAY 1 of college I seem to be running out of time. I start my day pretty early on work days, otherwise, the average time I get up is 10. I’m rarely in a rush on my days off, so I focus on maintaining a good diet on those days that start at 6am and end at midnight. Nothing gets me going more than sweets and the idea of Banana Pudding for Breakfast sounds good idea to me, but it would look horrible on my petite 5’4 frame once devoured. Still, a lover of Banana Pudding for Breakfast¬†I came up with an awesome alternative. This recipe is simple, effective in nutrition and good-to-go when you’re in a rush. I recommend you copy and past the recipe or jotting it down — to avoid complications:

1 banana = 50 calories
1 pack of granola bars (2 each) = 190

Bite the granola bar first then bite the banana. Allow the two flavors to meet in the middle and then laugh at your tongue as it reveals in sweet desert sensations.
Total Breakfast caloric consumption: 240

Not bad compared to 1 cup of banana pudding, which is 286 calories. Don’t be thrown off by the 46 point differential in calories and refrain from getting remotely close to thinking desert is a good meal replacement. It is not. Mainly because of all of the fat that goes into constructing them. Deserts should be had after a well balanced meal and even then, lessen your intake.

Here are the ingredients that go into making banana pudding, the fatty contents that will line your frame, holding on for dear life as you try to aerobicise them away at a later date:


Cookies and Pudding are always in search of a new home on your abs… DON’T OVER DO IT.

Sure, keep the nutritional value of the banana all-day-everyday, but ex-nay on the pudding-ay and all will be okay. Adding granola bar is a bonus. I like to always think of the rough texture of the granola bar dubbing as a digestion scubber, lifting and escorting out anything in there that is not contributing to my well being and lovely 4-pack. Yes, I have a 4-pack. I’m a cross country, track runner and cheerleader, though as of late I’ve been weightlifting pretty intensely. I am actively in search of my other 2 ab muscles to complete the 6-pack effect. Eating healthier also saves me time in the gym and that is #SWEET!

In a rush? Be safe and God bless
but never leave the house without your breakfast.

To yourself — always be sweet.
Always take the time to eat.
To your metabolic system, it’s a real treat!

You deserve it.