Hiking – LumberJack Style

IMG_11031Packing up our back packs, not really sure on what to pack or what to expect, piling up and the jeep, driving down the two way road to Sedona, from Flagstaff, listening to indie music, soaking in the good vibes. Not your typical college Sunday. Since becoming a Lumberjack I usually spend my Sundays mildly sobbing and doing homework. But this Sunday was different, I was ready to take things to the next level. Literally.

After an hour of hiking, we arrived at the spot.

The red rocks of Sedona is quite the sight to see. Going down from 7,000 feet in elevation IMG_11201to only 4,500 feet was a nice break for our lungs as we eagerly climbed Cathedral Rock – which is a famous landmark in Arizona. Making the mountains I usually hike down in the valley look easy, Cathedral was rigorous hike, very steep, and my friends and I were feeling adventurous so we decided to go off the trail. We followed the river bend up and boy was it challenging. I remember constantly thinking to myself “this must be what it feels like to be on Mars of Jupiter,” the unfamiliar surroundings, lack of water, red dirt and rocks everywhere… you get the jist.

The climb and the heavy breathing was all worth it once we reached the top. #SweetSuccess! Such an amazing view to witness. I even had great cellular reception was I was able to FaceTime my mom back home in Chandler (talk about technology). After reaching the top my fiends and I decided to burn sage, listen to groovy music, and just reflect on the journey. It was  a very relaxing and an unforgettable experience.

Once we got down from the rocks we feasted like no other. The campus cafeteria gets old real fast, so we treated ourselves to BOTH Wildflower Bread Company AND Cold Stone Creamery, we couldn’t resist, when was the last time we has REAL food (Thanksgiving is the answer, but that seems as if it was forever ago). So we dined and grinned and it was a very lovely Sunday in Sedona despite us all being “on the rocks” – literally. 

Cupcake Chique Logo 2014



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