College, Year 1: EMBRACE THE LIFE and then…

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So my kid is entering year 1 of college and the closer day 1 gets, I’m starting to go over in my head all of the wisdom and rules of world that I have taught her. I just want to make sure she’s prepared. I’ve also been researching any and all tips that may assist my kid during her transition from living comfy at home and having 2 (parental) built-in assistants to doing everything on her own. She’s more than capable and I think the following info will help her out greatly.

Realizing she’s not the only one getting ready for day 1 of the college freshman year, I thought it would be a good idea to share the information with you too. If you’re kid isn’t going to college pass it on to the kid that is. Personally, I wish someone had given me these rules. Homesickness was my biggest hurdle.

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Banana Pudding for Breakfast!


The closer I get to DAY 1 of college I seem to be running out of time. I start my day pretty early on work days, otherwise, the average time I get up is 10. I’m rarely in a rush on my days off, so I focus on maintaining a good diet on those days that start at 6am and end at midnight. Nothing gets me going more than sweets and the idea of Banana Pudding for Breakfast sounds good idea to me, but it would look horrible on my petite 5’4 frame once devoured. Still, a lover of Banana Pudding for Breakfast I came up with an awesome alternative. This recipe is simple, effective in nutrition and good-to-go when you’re in a rush. I recommend you copy and past the recipe or jotting it down — to avoid complications:

1 banana = 50 calories
1 pack of granola bars (2 each) = 190

Bite the granola bar first then bite the banana. Allow the two flavors to meet in the middle and then laugh at your tongue as it reveals in sweet desert sensations.
Total Breakfast caloric consumption: 240

Not bad compared to 1 cup of banana pudding, which is 286 calories. Don’t be thrown off by the 46 point differential in calories and refrain from getting remotely close to thinking desert is a good meal replacement. It is not. Mainly because of all of the fat that goes into constructing them. Deserts should be had after a well balanced meal and even then, lessen your intake.

Here are the ingredients that go into making banana pudding, the fatty contents that will line your frame, holding on for dear life as you try to aerobicise them away at a later date:


Cookies and Pudding are always in search of a new home on your abs… DON’T OVER DO IT.

Sure, keep the nutritional value of the banana all-day-everyday, but ex-nay on the pudding-ay and all will be okay. Adding granola bar is a bonus. I like to always think of the rough texture of the granola bar dubbing as a digestion scubber, lifting and escorting out anything in there that is not contributing to my well being and lovely 4-pack. Yes, I have a 4-pack. I’m a cross country, track runner and cheerleader, though as of late I’ve been weightlifting pretty intensely. I am actively in search of my other 2 ab muscles to complete the 6-pack effect. Eating healthier also saves me time in the gym and that is #SWEET!

In a rush? Be safe and God bless
but never leave the house without your breakfast.

To yourself — always be sweet.
Always take the time to eat.
To your metabolic system, it’s a real treat!

You deserve it.